The autochthonous and unique variety of Conca de Barbera, our land.

Vegetative and physiological characteristics: 


Type: Black variety, native to the Conca de Barbera.

The Vine: Vigorous vine prone to make sprouts.  Medium to large leaves, pentagonal and petiole sinus with lira and long-stalked, deep green colour and  woolly reverse.

Grapes: They are thick and compact, which usually exceeds 450 grams. The grapes are very large balls with thick wax layer and with a blue purple colour, moderately thick skin.

This variety has a  medium budding and flowering,  and a medium and late maturing. The harvest date is highly influenced by the type of wine to produce ("technological maturing").
It is the black variety that is harvested in third place in the Wine Sarral.


Cultural characteristics:

Sensitive to drought. Sensitive to  wind effect by breaking buds.
Very sensitive to excoriosis, moderately susceptible to oídium and grey rot, and less sensitive to mildew.
It  prefers less compact soil and deep profile,  stony structures and frank textures. It develops well in cool soils, with moderate lime content and low pH, otherwise it may show iron chlorosis.

Enological characteristics:

The wines:  Gives high quality wines.  Medium alcohol content (10 º -11 º), good acidity and delicate aromas, that makes it very suitable for young rosé wines and especially base rosé wines for sparkling.