The variety that provides the aromatic ability  and freshness to our cava.

Vegetative and physiological characteristics:


Type: White variety, also called "Montònec", "Martorell" or "Masia".

The Vine: Very vigorous and  faint posture. High moderately production (4.5 kg / vine).

Grapes: The bunches are large and of mèdium consistency, if there is a good production . Medium–large berry, with thick skin. It´s characteristic by its golden colour.

Variety of late budding and very late ripening, it has a very long cycle.
It is the last white variety we harvest in Sarral.

Cultural characteristics:

Sensitive to drought. It should be grown at altitudes above 300 meters above sea level.
Resistant to fungal diseases due to thickness of their skin but somewhat sensitive to the grapeworm.
It should be pruned in short because all buds are productive.
Due to its sensitivity to drought it requires root stock as 110-R. In better soils it requires less vigorous rootstock.

Enological characteristics:

The wines:  Wines of low alcohol content (8-10 degrees), but with very good aromatic qualities.  Pale colour with little body. Fruity elegant and crisp wines.
One of the best varieties to produce young wines and cavas.