The predominant variety in our reserve wine.

Vegetative and physiological characteristics:


Type: Black variety, originally from France (Bordeaux).

The Vine: It´s a productive variety. Adult folded leaf,  well-marked outline,  medium-large size, orbicular and short cuneiform with  five lobes, dark green color, slightly bright. It has the upperedges of the lateral lobes overlapping, leaving the lateral sinus drilled, often toothed at the base.

Grapes: Medium-small bunches. Berries are black-blue colour, thick skin and soft pulp.
A variety of early sprouting and early-middle ripening.
It´s the first black variety we harvest in Sarral.

Cultural characteristics:

Sensitive to spring frost, mildew and rot. Less sensitive to powdery mildew. Very sensitive to the Brim.

Fits in all types of soils.

Enological characteristics:

The wines:  Wines of good quality, good alcohol content, without too much tannins and personality. It is docile and brings finesse to the blend with Cabernet Sauvignon.