The variety that brings youth to our wines.

Vegetative and physiological characteristics:

Ull de Llebre

Type: Black variety, also called "Tempranillo", "Cencibel" or "Tinto Fino".

The Vine: Vigorous vine, like semi- upright posture, with good production (4 kg / vine). Folded adult leaf  with very sharp contour.  Large size, cuneïform, and elongate. Opaque green colour, opaque and with five lobes. Very pilose at the bottom.

Grapes: Medium-large, compact, conical, long and winged bunches. Moderately large berries, rond of dark black colour and thick skin.

Variety of middle-late budding, with early veraison, and a slow and long process of maturation.
It´s the second black variety that it is harvested in Sarral.

 Cultural characteristics:

Very sensitive to drought and wind during periods of active growth. Sensitive to mildew and powdery mildew.

It adapts well to all types of soils, even thin and dry soils.
Prefer rootstock as the 110-R o 41-B.

Enological characteristics:

The wines:  Wines with good alcohol content(10-12 °), with good acidity. Good balance. Stable color  but not very intense. Suitable for aging. Pleasant aromatic perspective.